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Lusine Davtyan
Lusine Davtyan

We present to you Lusine Davtyan, the co-founder and CEO of the brand.

-How I decided to start a business? 

-My husband had the idea to start a business, but the concept of creating an Armenian children's clothing brand inspired me so much that I decided to join him.

-What motivates you? 

-The sense of responsibility and the achievements in our work. When I look back and see how much value we have created in a short and dynamic period, how much the brand has been loved, and the changes it has brought to the sector, it motivates me greatly.

-What makes you smile? 

-I find joy in smiling for no particular reason. It could be positive news about Lalunz, the warmth received from customers, or reading field reviews, especially those from any team member.

-How do you balance family and business? 

-Fortunately, I haven't encountered many challenges in balancing family and business because my husband and I work together and spend most of our day in the office.

-How do you cope with difficulties? 

-Difficulties are an inevitable part of any business. When you decide to enter the business world, you must be prepared to face constant challenges and sometimes multiple ones at once. Through experience, you develop resilience and begin to view difficulties as tests that need to be overcome swiftly. Falling into a state of depression won't resolve the issue.

-Tell us about your new projects and the company's prospects?

-Currently, we are working on several important projects. However, I would like to highlight our export efforts and the "Love Artsakh" project. Within the framework of this project, every child born in Artsakh will receive a gift box containing essential items.